I know… but I’ve been busy alright?!

Just kidding, I’m sorry… I could never be mad at you…

But the truth is, its crunch time here. As the semester winds down the work builds up and has all but destroyed my life outside the studio. I have a bunch of photos, but nothing pertaining to Qatar.

I can tell you, however, that I am extremely excited (and nervous) for graduation. I’m ready to get out there and strut my stuff; I’m confident that I am ready for the world of design (if there are any potential employers out there…cough-cough).

I hope to see you all soon, as I’ll be America bound around the first week of May.

I’m not done here yet, I have some time after classes finish up and I plan to make the most of it, so keep on reading… Ive got an adventure or two left in me.

Until then, here is one of those pictures I talked about… It’s a plate of fries and a glass of milk (made out of paper!). I cant believe their giving me a degree for this…


03 2010

They day we drove cross country, and the 45 minutes it took to drive back…

Well the other day, when we heard that there was going to be camel races, we did what anyone would do… we went. We met up with a couple of other international students and drove out to the tracks. When we got there we head that the races were canceled due to the heat. I mean, c’mon they’re camels arnt they?

We decided to get out of the car and try and see a few pacing around the track anyway.

Well, it wasn’t as great as actually being able to see some races but at last we saw some camels. We also noticed that a few cars were driving back and forth on the road by the track. Everyone who we asked said it wasn’t possible to drive around, but we didn’t really believe that. After skipping a few “important” signs we found the entrance and were able to drive around. We stayed in the car because we wern’t exactly sure we were supposed to be there…

We saw some camels running around and decided to pace them with our car… and got yelled at for it. After we were ‘politely’ asked to leave we decided to make use of the rest of the day by driving out to the beach (on the other side of Qatar).

The water was so calm and clear that it seemed to blend right into the sky.

We even found the time to skip a few shells around.


03 2010

Japan, In pictures!

I know, I know… I am horrible about updating this blog. As many of you know I spent my spring break in Japan (a few days in Kyoto, and a few days in Toyoko). And trust me, it was amazing. I cannot wait to go back. When I returned to Doha, I hit ground running (with school and what-not).

This is the first chance I have really had to catch up on the blog. For now, I am going to just post pictures from my trip, with a few captions. It will be brief, but if  you have a question, please comment; I will do my best to elaborate.

I bring you, Japan… (beware, this may take a while to load, I did try and cram a week into 50 pictures…)

Well when we got there it was raining. Everyone was pretty bummed about it, partly because we just got off a 9 hour plane ride (but also due to the fact that no one in Doha really has too much experience with rain)  We were just stoked to be in Japan.

Believe it or not, but those crazy chair things ended up being out beds as well. Best sleep I got all trip…


She made a crepe in about 15 seconds, then put banana and ice cream and chocolate in it, …cone style.

If you think this guy is creepy, you should have seen the one next to him!

This was a singing group we met on our way to the subway. They called themselves “Soundwich”. A merger of “sound” and “sandwiches”, GET IT!? They were pretty good tho, I think they even played some English songs, but it was hard to tell…


I know, I know… but it TASTED great

It was chilly out, so Brent got Green Tea Ice Cream….

I got Hot Chocolate, in a can!… From a vending machine!

Although we intended to explore (aka, get lost) in Kyoto we were helped by Mr Miyagi. You can’t tell from this angle but I mean, he looked exactly like him.


03 2010

Happy Nuggets, A taste of home…

As avid reads may know, westernization is big right now in Qatar. And just as in about EVERY grocery store in the world…there are knock off foods, such as cheap chicken nuggets. Put those two together and what do you get? You guessed it! Americana Quality’s Happy Nuggets!

And for those of you who don’t read English (sorry team, were trying to diverisfy here at WiQN!)

These fantastic chicken nuggets come in all of your favorite processed chicken shapes! Now with: Boats, Hearts, Stars & Cars!

You may be wondering… “Zane how did you get these pictures taken while in the grocery store?”. Well the answer is, I didn’t… I bought them, and… I ate them.

I know, I know appetizing right? Well dip them in a bit of the “Tomato Ketchup” you see featured on the plate, and you can really experience that fresh star taste!

Brent says they all tasted the same, but I was quite partial to the boats.


02 2010